Saturday 6 March 2010

An Oasis of "Hope"

Hello Dear Friends,

I am on a wonderful healing adventure in Mesa, AZ. I am going to an incredible holistic clinic called "An Oasis of Healing".

With Dr. Thomas Lodi at the helm, he has created an "Oasis" A breathing space, a healing place. For me it is the lifestyle, foodstyle, spiritualstyle, medicalstyle, bootcamp I have always wanted!

I decided to learn how to "stop making cancer" ( I have had 6 recurrences now) and enough is enough already. It is wonderful to see hope, happy faces, people getting better, doing well and to speak with a doctor who says "yes" instead on "no".

Jack and I met with the doctor yesterday for an extended consultation. As we talked I could see how we could all just "up" the notch on what we were talking about. Finally, a doctor who is informed, knows so much more than I do, rather than the other way around.

At the nutrition center we had lunch, a most delicious raw meal prepared by their chef, and also enjoyed being in the sun. Glorious! Hope is here!