Tuesday 18 November 2008

Two Steps Back

Mildred, Daisy and the triplets (my 5 tumors) let it be known in my recent CT scan last week they needed to stretch out a little, they were feeling a growth spurt! Only a few millimeters but as my dour Oncologist put it - "it is real!" What happens now? - trick my ovaries into believing they are not working- how do you do that?- err we shove a huge needle into your abdomen wall and say "you might feel some discomfort" and we fill you up with hormones each month. I think this is the stage where the torture starts to begin.

I am trying to keep the faith. Do more infared saunas, no alcohol at all now (agh!) or coffee (how worse could it get) no dairy, meat, fish, poulty. I was doing quite well, but I fell off the wagon a bit, and as a result, these cancer sisters let me know they are sincere about doin'n it for themselves. My message to them- we're in this together ladies- don't go off by yourselves. This is a team thing. And as a friend of mine says "I'm serious!"

My mother just bought me a beautiful juicer so I can have fresh carrot juice every day-something cancer is not so crazy about. I had some this morning with broccoli and pineapple. It was okay- quite refreshing actually. Also I am experimenting again with my dehydrator- mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, they make a great third thing on the plate!

How about a raw pumpkin pie for Thankgiving-it can be done "I'm serious!"

Love to all my dear friends.

Friday 7 November 2008

Lifted by Art

One of the things I recently renewed in my life has been my love of painting. This happened the other day when a special friend of mine Kathy, offered me the use of her studio while she was out of the country. I accepted, but was not really sure if I could do anything, I had been so tired- how inspired could I be. It took a while to settle down and focus, but once the paints were squeezed out of the tube the genie was out of the bottle!

I first did some very small pieces about 3 x 3 inches (that is how intimidated I was) then worked my way up to 12 x 12 inches, and finally created a work 30 x 30 inches. I would not have even done the larger one had it not been for my dear friend Charles who pushed me to get on with a challenge. Annoyed at such pushy behaviour from him I ventured up scale. I am so glad I did.

Art has the ability to give so much to the painter, as I am witness to. The special dialogue one can have with one's creativity, and sources larger than oneself can be intoxicating and rejuvenating. The last few weeks have been the happiest, and I know that joy has a very positive effect on the immune system. So while I detox in the sauna, get my old fillings removed (mercury), and try to adhere to my "new life" protocols, I added an old one...painting.

And thank you again Kathy.