Monday 9 November 2009

So Over

My radiation is finally done, but leaving me feeling weak and frail. The cumilation of which last Tuesday evening had me in the ER then, in the hospital for three days. It seemed hi dose radiation did not sit well with my body, which went all out of whack. This is normal yet, I went over the top, and felt it more than most. I had terrible stomach pain, cramps, pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, had become anorexic, my body just shut down. It was shocking to me how quickly that can happen when you have stage IV. At one point I thought "will I get out of hospital?" and "why I am I here?, is is worse than I think it is?" Creepy.

I am out now, feel so much better, tons, just a bit washed out, and of course radiation tired. But now I am on several meds to calm my stomach down, stimulate my appetite.

On the fabulous side, most of the bone pain is gone now which is fantastic (I still need to use my cane for balance and flare ups). Hopefully, in a couple of weeks I can return to my routine.

One thing that is funny, but actually sad is hospital food. How can I eat when all they serve is crap. I said to my mother, I feel like crap, so maybe eating the crap is good. I certainly loved the off the diet pancakes and maple syrup!