Thursday 14 May 2009

New Man in My LIfe

Meet Dr. Christos Georgiades a new man in my life that offers ninety percent of hope. Let me start at the beginning.

Several months ago I started to research ways to remove tumors from the lungs, and came across this procedure called Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) which is an amazing procedure done with a thin needle that heats up tumors. Tumors love dark, cold, damp places so this intensive sunshine delivery system brings high heat to the growths, and stops them in their tracks. Prima! Good day sunshine I say.

Anyway, I was shocked that no one at Johns Hopkins had suggested this procedure to me, as it is for people who can't have surgery (that's me), who are looking for a minimally invasive procedure that won't spread the cancer, (that's me) and not looking for a total cure, (that's me). So what is problem? Doctors don't share so the patient can have the best chance? I asked my oncologist about a recommendation and what he thought, his response "I don't see how RFA will help you". Shocked again, I was stunned that all he wanted to do was to keep me on hormone treatments (that actually aren't working that well) which means I will just end up as a statistic and not a very promising one. In my mind Dr. Wolff was fired. Isn't he supposed to be helping me? I can't begin to say how angry I was, and I have to admit his response made me jump back into my safety shell, however with the urging of my friend Brigitte she pushed me to get on with finding a specialist of my own, and voila! there he was Dr. Georgiades of radiology at Johns Hopkins. I met with him and his staff late April, and can report his team are a professional and friendly group. The good news is May 26th I will be getting my five chestnut shaped occupants zapped. Dr. Georgiades explained that while there is ninety percent chance of killing the tumors at the very least I can expect some shrinkage- and that will mean more time. Something I need while I make my body strong.

I am starting to feel scared, but also trying to embrace this new adventure. Too bad I couldn't have one year without surgery, but at least this offers so much in return. Hope.