Monday 22 December 2008

Make mine with gravy please!

This past month I have been working with a much tighter regimen under the special guidance and help of the wonderful Dr. S. - 5 days detox sauna, at least 5 coffee "you know what's" a week, eating the usual vegan fare, and trying really hard to eat as much raw food as I can. However, tis the season!

So far I have stayed away from the usual office "goodie" baskets that show up at this time of the year, with only one really naughty incident that occured after being tempted all day by one very fully loaded chocolate filled woven basket. As I whisked by it at the end of the day, I grabbed a Hershey's kiss and mini size milky way bar, and scoffed them down so quickly I wondered if that was really me, and did I really do that? Most importantly it was not such a big thing- just a little regression.

One thing that it really helping, because it is so hard to eat cold food during the winter, is to put some gravy on it. And who does not love gravy? At our annual holiday lunch at my job, they had the big turkey-beef-stuffing buffet thing, and I found a little moistening really helped to enhance my vegetarian plate. I think that is oh so clever of me to come up with that. I get a bit of tasty fun and warmth, and eat my vegetables too!