Thursday 26 June 2008


Hello Everyone My Dear Beloved Friends,

I am writing this blog so you can talk to me whenever you want, and also check in to see what is going on!

These past few days have been hectic with CT scans, bone scans, and blood work. All came out fine! Yey. I just have those little buggers in my lung, but soon they will have to jump ship because I am just going to be too healthy for them to hang on.

Notice "Bug Out Bob" my new friend, some of you remember I can't stand needles, the sight of blood or anything vein related. Well if I give Bob a good squeeze when I get the unmentionable needle his eyes, ears and nose pop out! At least I get to laugh while I am crying.

I will write again soon with more pictures and news. And remember, I love you all, and embrace all the love you can give me.