Sunday 26 July 2009

Green Goblin

Hello Friends,

Just when you think it is safe, a new little twist, a new little wrinkle appears-and I am not talking about my face! New cancer cells, it appears, have taken up residence in my hip! Actually it is the Green Goblin from Spiderman. Painful bugger my god! I thought the pain was just me getting well "old". A new hurdle, a new level of understanding.

Make love not war is great, but I think I need to ratchet it up, and be more warrior like as I need to kick some butt! Goblin butt! I had my "step son to be" Ash draw a huge poster of a warrior wolf for me to meditate on when I do my detox sauna. It works quite well, it makes me feel feisty which is good no? Tuesday I will finally start Tai Chi, which I have been saying for months, but now I need to kick my own butt if I want to get strong.

Next week the appointments start, to confirm and make plans on what to do. Dr Weber, Dr. Sivieri, and then Dr. Georgiades. My dream team- I must say I believe they are the best! As for me I have already made myself quite the expert from both allopathic to homeopathic ways on how to deal. I found one remedy that mixes ground flax seeds with champagne twice a day! I told Jack now that is living! A girl should always have champagne.

More later, just wanted to check in with you all.