Sunday 14 September 2008

The Long Slog

One of the hard things about trying to "save ones life" or at the very least put off "certain death", which we all face as soon as we are born, is what I call here the long slog. Without a daily measure, like a scale when one is trying to loose weight, it is so hard to follow one's progress. Usually I have to suffice with peeing on a piece of paper to see how alkaline I am, but it is not so accurate. Naturally, I can have blood tests and scans, but as you read before those are not handed out so easily. What that does then, this not having a gauge, is to make a person very hypersensitive to every ache or pain, temperature change, an "odd" a mood swing. A constant inner voice says "What's that?" "Did you feel that?" "That's so noisy!" and "what does that mean?" I am a bit exhausted as you can imagine.

Still on the brighter side, super sensitivity can have it's plusses. It is amazing how much more alive I feel. Food never tasted so good. Silence never so sweet. Words more lyrical. Nature all the more breathtaking, and friendships all the more precious. That in a perverted way makes this journey so very interesting and fulfilling.