Tuesday 19 August 2008

From Disgruntled To Ungruntled

Getting frustrated again with my oncologist (Dr. Antonio Wolff) who was making it difficult for me to get my 2 month CT scan, I turned to my breast cancer surgeon and friend (remember I called him the disgruntled husband the other week) Dr. Ted Tsangaris. I just had to know what those naughty little tumors were doing. Working on changing their attitude or just partying! I knew if I had a chance to explain what had gone on over the past few months Ted and I could get back on the same page. Yup, we did it, and so as my buddy again he grabbed a pen, and filled in the form so I could get the scan. He also told me not to expect too much from the Tamoxifen as it works slowly, and things might be the same as two months ago. That's fine with me, I told him, no change would be good, I would rather have the same chestnut size tumors than new bigger ones with horns looking for trouble. Waiting for the results was a tough 24 hours but I made it, and Jasmine (his social worker nurse) called me to let me know I was stable. Ha! Ha! No change! Fabulous! I was stable! Not many people can boast that, and I now have the paper work to prove it.

It seems then all the love, raw food, detox, coffee (you know where) and the Tamoxifen are rallying to the cause. It makes me want to keep going, and surely isn't it great how some people, even if they do get disgruntled will ungruntle themselves, and just do the right thing. How happy Ted has made me, my family, and friends too. Yey Ted! Your the best breast surgeon a girl can have!

Tuesday 5 August 2008

Acts of Kindness-It Saves My Bottom!

Hi There My Dearest Friends (and when I say "friends" that includes family too!),

Last week was really hard for me, so many set backs, yet I wanted to just thank all the people in my life who were there for me. Some of you let me cry on your shoulder, others offered me the scratchiest tissue the world has ever seen, others of you appeared at my work door to just say "hi", gave me a reassuring smile. There were sweet hugs, a thoughtful email, a card, a lunch and a couple of great projects assigned to me to get my creative teeth into. Then there were the hard core of you that could hang in there for the long talks and tears. I thank you for holding my emotions for me- because that what you do- you hold them, and that gives me some relief. How lucky I am to have so many dear supportive friends.

I am truly blessed!