Friday, 28 January 2011

A letter to my liver and painting trees

Hi Friends,

Goodness, what a month already. Remember I was sick of being sick, well I actually ended up in the hospital. Wow! The Xeloda is giving me trouble with breathing, my heart, and more (like they say in ads). Still my doctors want me to stay on it until they can work out what I can do to stave off those little bastards that are still in my liver.

Open letter to my liver.

Dear Liver,

Please, please be healthy, and mark those maverick cells to self destruct. I don't want to be unkind, but I need you to work harder at expelling them, and creating much more flexible and generous cells, ones who have a better work ethic. I don't mind the idea of going rogue, but not right now. We all need to work as a team-you know "all for one and all that".

I will give you more green juice and you can do your Japanese warrior thing okay.

With love


That is it really. I want to get on with my art. I am painting these watercolors at present, I like them and think they have a potential for something in the future. Back in the tree business. How wonderful and amazing they are. Most are sleeping, at rest, and shut down like giant bears dotted all over. Buds closed tight, until spring when out will come their flower and berry secrets. Joy, just can't wait. It will help me identify them too.

What am I talking about you may wonder. Around where I live, is a literal cornucopia of timber. Amazing trees, some indigenous to pennsylvania others, brought in and exotic. Right on my doorstep are these giant plants. I have already started to research and document them. I look forward to painting them.

So, yes enough sickness. Bring on the paintbrushes for goodness sake. I need an art infusion now!


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