Thursday, 1 April 2010

Another Hard but Wonderful Slog

Hi Everyone,

For the past few weeks, as you all know I have been going to a clinic in Arizona, "An Oasis of Healing" Cancer Clinic. Every day I was hooked up to an IV of some sort. Had a full body cleansing inside and out, and learnt more how to prepare raw vegan foods. It was really hard, but I am so glad I did it.

One of the treatments I had was IPT (insulin potentiation therapy) a targeted and sneaky way to get chemotherapy into cancer cells. One day I had two chemos, another three other types. The whole process gets one really high, so the nurse, myself and the other IPT patients (who were so great) had a rock'n roll party as when you come down, you are must eat tons of natural sugar to get your blood sugar to normal. IPT does have cumulative side effects loss of appetite (except for sugar!) constipation, and some nausea, but can really help people. There was a patient there who just had his PET scan back with no new mets, and some now gone after 8 weeks. I hope it has helped me too. I will get a PET scan when I get back home (I am in California with my parents- so nice- for a week) Note though, when I mentioned I was looking into IPT my oncologist in PA went bonkers, and became all angry. So beware that.. it is considered not a real therapy. When I was getting my port put in at the local hospital in Mesa, AZ the surgeon there said he had seen some amazing things happen at the Oasis clinic. That gave me much confidence.

In addition to IPT, I also had a treatment where blood was ozonated that was wild I must say, and in addition I had hi dose vitamin C infusions which is another cancer chaser... really gets in those cells and evicts them.

After two weeks, I felt really tired and ready to stop as it was tough going, but I know what I learned there I can use now, and I can move forward in my healing. I am going to keep the treatments up by traveling up to Long Island once a month, and locally keeping up the less invasive treatments.

This was one of the most bizarre and wonderful experiences, which I highly recommend.