Thursday, 20 May 2010

What's Next?

Hi Dear Friends,

What's next is the question I have been asking myself since I returned from the the wonderful "Oasis". I have taken a break for a while from tests, doctor visits and so on and just focused on walking the talk. It can be tough.

I finally, after some pelvic pain and some depression rearing it's naughty head, realized it was time again to up the ante and get pro-active again. "Will this ever end?" you and I ask, my reply "No, it is for life, to get more life really." So here I go again.

Last week I met with a new doctor whose name I won't mention but is was a disaster, such a shame as I had high hopes. I wrestled whether I should go back as they offered hi dose vitamin c, which I greatly need at present. After chatting with some other professionals I found out this is part the process too (and dropping 500 bucks! Whoa!) Finding people, surrounding oneself with healers, visionaries, and smart doctors is the way to get closer to healing. I noticed a pattern with the doctors I liked and ones that I did not; great visionary and learned doctors have a staff who are cut from the same cloth. All are positive with patients, are interesting to talk to, and have a holistic connection with the "process" of healing. Why would I want anything less than that. That said I talked with a second clinic and "voila" what a difference. The doctor called me back the same day, and was interested! How cool is that! I came off the phone knowing something new to do and an appointment. Pattern number 2: Cool doctors always can tell you something you didn't know. Pattern number 3: They also give you hope, and that is the best thing any doctor or person can do!